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What is development assessment?

Most URPEC students completing this course are somewhat involved in a town planning application which is the process of ‘Development Assessment’. Not all town planners are experienced in the Development Assessment process as it is quite a specialised field of expertise.

Put simply, development assessment is when a proposed development is assessed against a set assessment category and assessment requirements under a local or state government planning policy. For example, a planning scheme, or the State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP). This could be done as an ‘Applicant’ or on the other side as an ‘Assessment Manager’ (e.g. you’re either lodging an application to be assessed, or you’re assessing an application that has been lodged).

When it comes to development assessment, there is no regulatory body or licenses required so anyone can lodge a development application to be assessed by Council but we would always recommend engaging a private consultancy town planning firm as the process can be unbelievably complicated and a good consultant can save you a lot of money in your project. Alternatively, our Development Assessment course will give you all the skills you need to assess your own development applications – Most practicing planners these days have completed this course through University or voluntarily.

As for the assessment of development applications, local governments are mostly responsible for development assessment in their own region.

Learn more about development assessment in our free Town Planning 101 course:

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