What is traditional building character in Brisbane

What is traditional building character?

The Brisbane City Plan 2014 has a series of provisions to guide development around traditional and character housing. The development requirements that apply to particular properties are in place to maintain Brisbane’s unique heritage, when renovating, demolishing removing some buildings. The Brisbane planning scheme has various types of character and heritage housing, each has an overlay and corresponding development assessment codes which will be further explored within this lesson.

The Traditional Building Character Overlay (formally called the ‘Demolition Control Precinct’) is mapped over particular properties or residential pockets mostly within inner Brisbane suburbs where there are houses built in or before 1946 commonly referred to as ‘pre-war’ homes. Divided into two sub-categories – the Neighbourhood Character sub-category accounts for the majority of properties within the overlay, and the Local Character Significance sub-category provides additional guidance for development and is limited to properties in the suburbs of Hawthorne, Balmoral and Bulimba. The intent of the overlay is to retain pre-1947 houses and guide the development of extensions and new houses to complement the character and traditional building style of the surrounding area. There are two separate sets of codes that will form part of the Assessment Benchmarks that will apply to demolition, building work, and a material change of use within this overlay:

  • Traditional Building Character (Demolition) Overlay Code
  • Traditional Building Character (Design) Overlay Code

Learn more in our short course about Traditional and Character housing in Brisbane: https://learn.urpec.com.au/courses/traditional-and-character-housing/

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