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Studying at university or TAFE? Whether you’re studying urban planning, architecture, project management or something completely different – URPEC online courses will give you real-world skills that you simply don’t learn from textbooks.
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Earn industry-recognized credentials

At the completion of your course, you’ll receive a personalized certificate to attach to your resume, share online and hand over to your prospective employers.

The Development Assessment course is amazing. The content has everything that's needed to be an urban planner and I know it will really boost my job prospects as a graduate urban planner.
Matthew Parker
University Student


Hit the ground running

Getting a job straight out of university can be a frustrating and arduous task. Get in front of your competition with hands-on skills acquired from a recognized and well-respected source. With the knowledge learned from our online courses, you will be able to tackle that job interview with confidence or hit the ground running in your new position, making you an essential asset to any business.
Increase your chances of employment in urban planning with our online courses
I built the Development Assessment course to train our student town planners so they could start doing their job the day they finish the course. With the knowledge they can gain through completing one of our courses, it puts them instantly ahead of their peers especially when applying for upcoming roles as graduate town planners
Founder of Urban and Regional Planning Education Centre (URPEC)
Alexander Steffan
Director of Steffan Town Planning and course contributor