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Whether you’re an architect, surveyor, real estate agent, lawyer or another professional, our courses have been created to provide you professional development and CPD points. Our courses are very detailed but also easy to digest for people of all levels of prior knowledge.
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Earn CPD points using our courses

Complete one of our larger courses for a big chunk of your required professional development for the year or break it up into smaller 1-2 hour long courses. We provide certificates of completion at the end of each course so you can provide evidence that you have completed your professional development. We always recommend checking with your industry body to ensure you can use our courses for CPD.

As I'm fairly fresh to the building design industry and all of its processes. I found the course very valuable and great at explaining the steps required. I'm better educated and therefore we can better guide clients through the building process.
Urban Design Solutions - Town planning degree
Jana Crnjanin
Urban Design Solutions


Knowledge is power

Staying ahead of your competitors means more jobs won for you and your business. With the knowledge learned from our online courses, you will be able to speak to clients with confidence. Less time spent on the phone to town planners means more time spent developing your business.

Increase your chances of employment in urban planning with our online courses
Town planning course online for property developers


Your company is only as good as your best employees

Streamline your business processes by diversifying the skill set of your staff. With our online courses, you’ll be able to arm your employees with skills that would ordinarily take years to learn. Not only will it be a value add in the eyes of your clients, but also as a potential employer.

URPEC provides a great way for Architects to gain that extra knowledge about Town Planning. Highly recommended.
Christian Zambelli
Christian Zambelli Architect