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How to use the Logan City Council development enquiry tool

Firstly, open the Development Enquiry Tool by either clicking the orange icon in the top right-hand corner of the interactive mapping (if you’re still reviewing a site from the previous topic) or going directly to

On the landing page, you can search for applications by three different options:

  1. Search by application number (eg. MCU/1/2010);
  2. Search by Property (enter address or plan/lot number; or
  3. Search by map.

If you’re not looking for a particular site, you can also search by recently lodged, recently decided, or on public notification. The tool also has some other options to view charts or a list of applications throughout the whole of LCC. You can do this by scrolling lower on the page as depicted in the below image.

It is worth taking a look at the Charts search option where you can review overall data relating to developments occurring in the LCC region. For example, how many development applications have been lodged, what zones, what suburbs, how many per year etc. Refer to the image below for a sample of the data you can find by researching the ‘Charts’ search option.

To research a site-specific development approval history, start by simply typing in the address into the ‘Search property’ box and review the application history in the pop-up box:

Screen Recording 2021-05-15 at PM

Once you have searched a particular site, you can see more details about each development application by clicking the page icon on the left next to the application reference number. You can also look at any application documents at the bottom of the page:

Screen Recording 2021-05-15 at PM

Another useful way of researching application history is to research a suburb or street on the interactive map using the filters. You can get as creative as you want with the filters so we would recommend playing around with the map search tool to see what kind of data you can produce

What to learn more about how to use Logan City Council property enquiry tools? Check out our online course:

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