How to use the Brisbane City Council interactive map

How to use the Brisbane City Council Interactive Mapping

The Brisbane City Council (BCC) Interactive Mapping Tool is the number one thing that a town planner would use for this local government area. It is used to identify which layers may affect a property (e.g. zoning, overlays, neighbourhood plans, priority infrastructure plans etc).

To access the tool, simply head to: or Google “Brisbane City Council Interactive Mapping”.

Knowing how to make the most of the BCC Interactive mapping will give you an advantage over people that don’t. This lesson will take you through the process of how to research a property.

For this research exercise, we recommend using a property that you’re familiar with.

Firstly, open the interactive mapping:

Your next step is to find the property on the map.

Click the ‘Search’ icon in the top left corner of the window and enter the address details and click the property when it shows up. Here you can search by address, lot and plan number, or just suburb/street.

The property, street, or suburb should now be centred on the screen and if you have selected an individual site, it will be surrounded by a bold red border.

Screen Recording 2020-09-03 at PM

If the property does not show up, it is most likely that the address you have searched does not exist in the Council system. In that event, in the same search box you can search by ‘Street’ or ‘Suburb’ instead of ‘Address’. We would recommend searching by the ‘Suburb’ and ‘Street name’ and using the map to manually find the actual address. This mostly occurs with corner sites, or sites that are listed on real estate listings with the wrong suburb, or wrong number (e.g. 8-10 Fenting Road might actually be listed as 8 Fenting Road, so searching for it as 10 Fenting Road will not work).

Once you have found the property, all of the planning layers affecting the property show up within the left hand column:

Screen Recording 2020-09-03 at PM

You can also download the same information in a full PDF format by clicking ‘View Property Lot Report’.

Screen Recording 2020-09-03 at PM

You can now review all of the important planning details of the property including:

  • Property address, Lot and Plan number;
  • Lot size;
  • Zone, overlays, neighbourhood plan; and
  • Local Government Infrastructure Plans.

Learn more about how to use tools like, AND to your advantage, by completing our full Site Finding Course for the Brisbane locality:

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