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How to search for state mapped protected vegetation

State Vegetation

If during your DAMS and SPP IMS research, you find that your site is affected by state-wide vegetation mapping, you can view an even more detailed property report via the relevant State Government Department. The free search will give you a site-specific vegetation PDF property report.

The best way to find this information? You guessed it! Google.

Simply search “Queensland Government Vegetation Property Report” and select the most appropriate link to get you to the state government site.

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The search tool to obtain a property report will usually only let you search, by using a Lot and Plan number (that you found using the BCC interactive mapping).

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Sometimes, the vegetation property reports will allow you to do multiple reports or map searches. We would recommend doing both of them so you can see what information you get from both.

You may have to search one at a time.

Click the link below to download an example of a real Vegetation Management Property Report.


What to learn more about property development and how to investigate protected vegetation? Check out our online courses:

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