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How to use Developmenti in Brisbane

Development.i is an online tool that shows a similar amount of detail to the interactive mapping but more concentrates on Development Application history. It has replaced the historical ‘PDOnline’ system which was phased out in early-2021. Development.i is the only location for easy access to approval history in Brisbane but we do note that all applications are not on the system so we will recommend giving Council a call to get them to check.

This blog post will take you through how to use Development.i to research the approval history of a property or surrounding street.

Open Development.i by going to and accept the terms and conditions (if required):

Screen Recording 2021-05-13 at PM

At this stage, you can search for applications by three different options:

  1. Location search (ie. the address of a property, a suburb, or the Lot & plan number);
  2. A specific application reference if you have an A00 number (eg. A001234567); or
  3. Search on the map by setting some parameters and surfing the mapping.

If you’re not looking for a particular site, you can also look at all of the development applications lodged or decided in the past 7 days which can also be interesting to see what kind of applications are being processed. You can do this by scrolling lower on the page as depicted in the below image.

The Development.i system is quite self-explanatory but we have provided some quite tips below that might be of use:

  • Be patient, it can, unfortunately, take some time to load so if an address doesn’t show immediately, give it 10 seconds before you refresh the page;
  • When typing in an address, just use the number and street name (leaving out the type of street or suburb) and let the system populate the address. We found that depending on how you write out the address, it might fail to find it. For example, ’10 Fenton Road, Yeronga’ won’t come up, but if you search ’10 Fenton’ it will populate the rest (note, this is not a real address);
  • If you’ve found a site and you want to look at the surrounding approvals, make sure you zoom out slightly on the map, turn on ‘surrounding applications’ and change the ‘in progress’ filter to ‘all’ – a walk-through video below for reference;
  • Use the ‘Map Search’ function to filter results and find similar applications to what you are wanting to do. For example, if you are wanting to lodge an application for a “Health Care Service” in the Annerley region, use the filters and see what other people have done – a walk-through video below for reference.
  • You can register and ‘save’ searches which will allow you to set notifications about any changes in documentation, communications, or deadlines about an active development application.

This is only a very small portion of what you need to know and you can continue learning more about this topic, and learn how to use other useful planning tools here:

Learn more by completing our FREE online course here:

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