How to research flood affected property in Brisbane

What does flooding mean for a property development?

Another overlay to be cautious of is any overlay with the word ‘flood’ or ‘coastal’ in it.

To investigate, you’ll need to go through the same process as the character overlays. Do a property enquiry to see if the site is affected by any of those overlays.

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It’s important to review the flood mapping and any other flood reporting that you might be able to use in determining how badly a property is affected by flooding.

Sometimes, despite it looking bad on the property report, the flooding only affects a small portion of the property and isn’t actually an issue. You can view this by using the interactive mapping and the ‘map contents’ section to turn on the flood overlays.

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If your property is significantly affected, we would then recommend doing a ‘FloodWise Property Report’ via the Council website.

These reports will further identify exactly how impacted the site is by flooding and therefore how restrictive it might be for a development. A property could go 5m underwater every 2 years or the corner of the site could go under 1cm every 100 years.

If a property is significantly affected by a flood overlay, it isn’t impossible to develop the site, but it certainly makes it more difficult and can often kill the deal. These are some examples of flood overlays below:

  • Coastal Hazard
  • Creek/Waterway Flood Planning Area
  • Brisbane River Flood Planning Area
  • Overland Flow Path

If a development is affected by a ‘Planning area 5’ overlay (e.g. Brisbane River flood planning area 5), they are usually more of a ‘cautionary’ overlay and generally shouldn’t impact on the development potential of the site.

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