Learning online can be tiresome and uninspiring at times, that is why we host a range of regular events and in-person workshops to accompany our courses. These workshops are presented by experts in their field and provide a more in-depth overview of the course material.


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We don't currently have any upcoming events.

If you want some personalised on-site training, please feel free to get in touch via our website.


Planning and environment appeals and koala habitat provisions

KOALAS, APPEALS AND PLANNING - Koala Planning Provisions, Planning Appeals and Managing Workloads

Tuesday, 9th November 2021 - 5-7pm @ Factory 51 (Coorparoo)


Learning about property development, here is a free online course to help

SUBDIVISION 101 - Planning, Civil Engineering, and Construction

7th September 2021 - 5-7pm @ Factory 51 (Coorparoo)

Become a more savvy property investor by understanding the process of completing a subdivision with industry expert guest speakers.

This workshop is will cover a full overview of the process of completing a subdivision, focusing on the Brisbane City Council region, however the course concepts apply across Queensland. With guest speakers: Alexander Steffan (Steffan Town Planning), Dave Weston (DRW Consulting) & Shane Edwards (Pembroke Construction).


Learn more about property development with our workshops

Brisbane Site Finding Workshop

6th July 2021 - 5-7pm @ Factory 51 (Coorparoo)

The process of finding a suitable property for development can be extremely complicated. Whether you’re wanting to subdivide, develop townhouses, or just build your dream home, this workshop will arm you with all the information, in order to make an informed town planning decision.