How to do due diligence on property development in Brisbane

Step 1 of buying a good development site in Brisbane

Whether you’re finding the property on or just prospecting, this lesson will teach you what process we undertake when looking at a site, from a town planning point of view.

  1. Search the property in the City Plan mapping: and load the property details (i.e. zone/overlays/site area etc.);
  2. Determine whether the property has the right Zone and size for your intended development using one of our cheat sheets. For example, if you’re wanting to do a 1 into 2 lot subdivision in a Low Density Zone, you’ll most likely need 800sqm with a 20m frontage because the minimum lot size is 400sqm with a 10m frontage.
  3. To determine the property dimensions, you can use the measuring tool in the mapping system. By clicking the ‘Measure’ icon in the yellow ribbon at the top of the interactive mapping, you will be able to measure a distance or a site area. This will allow you to measure the width and depth of an allotment.
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What to learn more about doing due diligence of development sites in Brisbane? Check out our easy online course:

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