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It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned developer or investor, or if it’s your first time delving into the property market. URPEC courses will empower you with the knowledge and skills of a professional. By understanding the complicated world of property development, you can have the upper hand in negotiations.
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Give yourself instant credibility

Equip yourself with knowledge and skills gained in our online courses. Train yourself or one of your team to be your own consultant and streamline your processes to be the first to make the best offer possible on a prospective purchase.
URPEC provides a great way for Architects to gain that extra knowledge about Town Planning. Highly recommended.
Christian Zazmbelli
Christian Zambelli Architect


Win contracts, new sites, or the trust of your JV partner

Knowledge is power! With the knowledge gained from our courses, avoid costly decisions by acquiring as much information as you can. Sign up and make more informed choices about buying and selling property.


Increase your chances of employment in urban planning with our online courses
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Understand your consultants

Better understand your consultants so you can make the most informed decision possible. This could save you thousands! Not only with your consultant, but with the decisions that you make from their advice.
We highly recommend that all of our clients complete the URPEC courses suited to what their development intentions are. It saves us hours of time in having to research and explain planning situations which saves our client time and most importantly, money.
Founder of Urban and Regional Planning Education Centre (URPEC)
Alexander Steffan
Director of Steffan Town Planning and course contributor